Welcome to Press Forward Ever.

I founded this blog in January of 2018 when I kept having ideas of LDS specific articles that I wanted to share, but didn’t feel they would be appropriate on my general blog, and should be tailored to an LDS or LDS interested readership.

This blog is meant to help readers do exactly what the title of the blog (a line from one of my favorite hymns) instructs: press forward ever. There will always be good days and bad days, but with the proper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and with the proper perspective, we can continue to sing this refrain. I hope that the articles shared by myself and by my amazing team of authors will help you to do just that.

Because this is an LDS specific blog I want it to be as family friendly as possible, and therefore will not place ads that I cannot control on the site. If this blog or articles on it have been helpful to you or your loved ones, please consider donating by clicking here to help keep the site going. And if you have a topic that you feel needs to be shared with the world, I am always happy to receive ideas for new posts, and even accept submissions of completed articles. All submissions can be made by email.

Thank you for being here, and don’t forget to share what you find with family and friends.